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We strive to create an infection free environment in your setup/ hospital/ clinic by using all necessary tools at our disposal. A dedicated team is available to provide you with the best experience possible. Let’s bring about a transformation ! Contact Us!

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  • Footfall   Increase footfall for the
  • Strengthen   Strengthen the
    systems and Processes
  • Time   Saves Time
  • Surveillance   Increase surveillance
  • Stress   Reduce stress of
  • Reputation   Build reputation
  • Resources    Get all resources
    under one roof
  • Cartelization   Prevent cartelization
    of products
  • Mortality   Reduce Mortality      

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•    We offer consultancy on how to reduce infections across the hospital using various tools and processes.

•    Consultancy for setting up a single or multiple specialty units / Clinics, Blood Banks including equipment and licenses, ICU’s with all equipments and fixtures, Dialysis unit, Full OT/OR setup with all equipments and fixtures..


•    We provide training to Nurses and technical staff on regular basis on how to prevent and manage infections and also on how to contain them with the necessary tools.


•    We provide only those equipment’s or devices which can effectively reduce
infections in the hospital
directly or indirectly.

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Hospital acquired infections leading to deaths tend to increase the mortality rates in the hospital and in turn raise questions on the efficacy of medicines OR line of treatment and importantly raise questions on the competency of the doctors and staff.

AND, this problem, if taken seriously with an honest intent, can improve the ratings of any hospital or institution and also be a beacon for others on reducing the mortality rates in any hospital. Hence, we as a company work closely in confidence with the management of any hospital, and suggest suitable methods including setting up certain systems or processes to prevent HAI’s (Hospital Acquired Infections) or Device Related Infections in the hospital.



Shwill Medicom: Best company to seek expert consultation

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It has been found that there is a cyclical pattern to the infections in the healthcare environment, where some organisms after wreaking havoc come back after decades to trouble the healthcare setup.

21 April 2018 Read More

Shwill Medicom: Best Company To Seek Expert Consultation

Seek expert consultation for reduction of mortality rates, infection control, training and Community Health.

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